Substitute Training

Enter your absence into the AesopOnline portal as soon as you know that you are going to take the leave on a particular date. You can easily access the AesopOnline at the official website or by dialing 1-800-94-AESOP (). As soon as you are connected to the portal, you will be receiving # s. to mark your absence on this portal.

Aesop Online portal also allows the teachers to have access to the details like syllabus, training, etc.

AesopOnline is an automated portal to check and replace attendance requirements for teachers and request the substitute teachers.

Aesop is an automated program that helps the administrators to manage teacher absences and replacement coverage. This robust and fully integrated phone and web portal trains teachers and the substitute teachers as well.

It is necessary to know that your data may not be visible on the portal as soon as you register on the portal. The activation of a teacher’s profile on the AesopOnline portal usually takes 2 weeks. If more than two weeks have passed and you still can’t access the official portal, dial the number 1-866-373-4321.

AesopOnline Teacher Training

The teachers will be shown some videos that will make their journey in the institution smooth. Have a look at some aspects covered in this training below:

  • How to sign in and access the absence management on the AesopOnline portal?
  • How do you create vacancies?
  • Search vacancies on the official Aesop Online portal.
  • Check and modify your personal details.a
  • Change your PIN code
  • Where can you find help in case of any issues?

For more details, visit the official AesopOnline website by using your VVSD credentials (username / ID or other ID and PIN) and tap on the “Frontline Support” tab provided in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on “Learn”. You can also see the training videos in the “Introduction to Estoop “section. You can also check the frequently asked questions, look for jobs (to replace), create an absence (for employees), and other sections in the Human Resources.