About Us

AesopOnline is one of the most popular FFC8’s follow-up and it has now replaced the call system (for all the teachers).

AesopOnline gives the teachers an option to mark their absences easily from home. It also allows the teachers to request for the substitute for that specific class if needed. This portal has been working like magic for the teachers and the education system. Also, this portal makes sure that students don’t cop any loss in studies.

Aesop’s replacement system is one of the best online portals that allow the employees to mark the absences and request the substitutes if found necessary.

You can access the official AesopOnline portal on the internet at the address http://www.aesoponline.com from any web browser. We highly recommend the users to use Google Chrome to access this portal. You can also modify your personal details, request the vacation leaves, etc. by effectively using the AesopOnline portal. This portal is an incredible effort by the education system to make sure that student doesn’t cop any major damage to their studies due to the absence of a teacher.

You can also dial the AesopOnline toll-free number at . Just go with the voice menu to submit and manage absences and access various functions offered on this portal. It is highly recommended that new users call to verify the registration of their name and title on the computer. To do this, tap option 5 and go with the step by step instructions.

DAEA employees effectively use this system to track attendance and request the customer support team to resolve the issues.

The support team of the Aesop Online uses this system only to request a replacement for the teachers that suit the qualifications. Lack of support team should also be entered into iSolved for Payroll to ensure that the administrators don’t face any sort of troubles while assigning the salary.