Salient Features

One of the unique and most efficient characteristics of AesopOnline is the ability of teachers to create a list of preferred alternatives for their classes. Adding to this list not only guarantees more jobs but also provides the opportunity to work regularly with the same students in the same class.

AesopOnline Salient Features

Some of the prime features that this online portal offers to the teachers are as follows:

Highlight: If a list of preferred substitutes has not yet been provided yet by a teacher, they have probably been randomly selected for the assignment. Unfortunately, this means that there is little way to interact between you and the teacher. This can be easily solved by designing a professional business card that the teacher can effectively use as a reference when they are absent. Professional quality business cards can be designed for just $ 10. Aren’t they worth the investment?

AesopOnline keeps the teacher updated: Teachers want to know that what was taught in their classes while they were absent. AesopOnline portal keeps them updated regarding the same. Thus, each and every teacher will stay updated regarding the activities at the school while they are absent. It is one of the most unique features of the AesopOnline portal.

Life made easy for the substitutes: It might happen that a substitute might face some issues while they replace the regular teachers. Regular teachers who are taking leave can insert the notes or any other special instructions for the substitute teachers on the official AesopOnline portal. Thus, substitute teachers will easily know what is to be exactly done. Thus AesopOnline portal has been a boon for the teachers that make sure that the substitute doesn’t face any issue while taking the classes.