Mobile Access

It is necessary to ensure that student learning is not affected even a bit even when the teacher is absent. However, this means that you need to find some ways to process vacation requests, check vacation credits, and respond to district-wide sentiments by asking, and inquiring about the number of vacation days and requests and place the ideal substitute for that particular teacher if necessary. AesopOnline is a very efficient portal for all teachers in the United States.

With Audience and Substitute Management (formerly Aesop), you can take your time, make sure student learning is not affected, and get the information you need to make the practical and correct decisions.

AesopOnline Mobile Access

  • With the use of the Frontline Education mobile app, you can quickly and easily access the new Frontline Insights portal from anywhere and any time. Employees can check the details like the vacation credit, create absences, access the syllabus, and receive web notifications directly on their phones.
  • AesopOnline mobile application is available to districts and their teachers who have installed the Frontline Insights Platform.
  • Frontline Absence Management (formerly Aesop) is one of the most efficient automated solutions for absence management and requesting the substitute teacher.
  • Aesop continued to grow as the fastest, most efficient, and most flexible option to manage and analyze employee absences and provide qualified and high efficient staff to class.

Aesop Online mobile application ensures that employees can access this portal from anywhere and anytime. This portal has helped the teachers and the educational institutions to a great extent.

AesopOnline is a portal that allows the teachers to request the leaves easily. They can also give a brief reason for applying for the leave by using this mobile application.

Teachers of various educational institutions have efficiently used this portal by signing up with the portal.